Anesthesia Management Solutions

AMS focuses on strategic anesthesia management

We customize business plans to your specific needs by integrating anesthesia staffing, financial, and operational activities.

We take the time to get to know you, your facility, and its needs. Our mission statement is “Service Beyond Expectations”.

With our anesthesia solutions, you will:

  • See a reduction in anesthesia subsidy and surgery related costs
  • Realize an improvement in anesthesia leadership
  • Improvement in service, quality, reporting & regulatory compliance
  • Attain survey-readiness

Our Philosophy

  • Align our department with hospital’s goals
  • Experienced leadership can turn problems into opportunities
  • Understanding that the OR is a revenue generator for the hospital
  • Provide safe and efficient anesthesia
  • Achieve optimal staffing model
  • Beyond anesthesia, improve hospital

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