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Connecting your facility to the Anesthesia Resources You Need.

Why AMS is Different?

What differentiates one anesthesia group from another is not only the care they provide; it’s the leadership and sense of partnership. An effective anesthesia management company partners with the hospital in designing a staffing model that delivers:

  • Improved OR coverage
  • Improved scheduling and planning for staffing and administration
  • Streamlined, efficient perioperative protocols
  • Improved allocation of anesthesia resources
  • Local management decreases lag time for implementation of changes

Quality Care & Operations

Our emphasis on quality clinical care drives our successful operational and financial performance. Hospital administrators and OR leadership have constant access to AMS through regularly scheduled meetings.

That personal relationship and trust is important to us. It allows AMS to align with hospital leadership, sets goals for the department, and engage in incentives to help achieve these goals.

Seasoned Anesthesia Professionals

AMS is comprised of seasoned anesthesia professionals with over 65 years combined industry experience. The core of our company is a complement of seasoned physical leadership, experienced practice administration, and billing expertise with over one billion dollars in collections experience. Combined we are a team with a track record of demonstrated results.

Our talent is building, sustaining and growing OR volume while reducing subsidies and increasing staffing.

Anesthesia Staffing

We understand that each situation is unique and tailor YOUR staffing model to maximize room coverage and increase flexibility when facility needs to cover an extra room.

We do not have a “cookie-cutter” approach to staffing. Our experience has taught us that there’s no one perfect model. Site visits and leadership interviews allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs. We then make recommendations for staffing models that deliver high quality patient care while not sacrificing the bottom-line.

Our Guarantee

  • We will be more like a partner than an adversary
  • Think more like a partner than a contractor
  • Stress provider and management “ownership”
  • Industry knowledge and with experienced, capable people on the ground, we can respond quickly and effectively
  • Align our business principles with the strategic direction of your facility

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