Executive Leadership

AMS Team

Custom Anesthesia Solutions for Your Growing Needs

Founded by a practicing Anesthesiologist, Anesthesia Management Solutions has a rich history in patient centered care with an emphasis put on custom anesthesia services for your specific and growing needs. 

Our Executive Administrative Team is unmatched at Customer Service and meeting the complex needs of our many Anesthesia Partners. We pride ourselves on being a complete anesthesia solution from data driven analytics to around the clock support, AMS delivers where other groups have failed.

Meet Our People

Anesthesia Management Solutions currently has close to 100 locations across 18 different states. Along with our headquarters in Florida, AMS has a strong presence across the Sunshine state. With facilities ranging across the country at a variety of locations, we bet we have the position you are looking for!

Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Office Based locations, Pain Management Practices, AMS has a wide variety of 1099 & W2 for all anesthesia providers. 

Contact our Expert Clinical Recruitment Team for a look at our provider driven, unique coverage opportunities!

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